We know for sure that sooner or later FMCG retail will make a switch to online platforms, because consumers like the convenience that the Internet brings Until now, no one has figured out a cost effective way to make this switch.

No one but us...

R2C Technology


Hardware level

Robots for logistics


Software level

Innovative approach to the integration of blocking technology and robotic solutions WMS, MFR и Supply Chain Management

R2CMarket Effects

Lowering the investment and operational costs by implementing innovative technologies of Robotic Logistics and Blockchain

Lowering the average market merchandise price by 10-12%

Effective time management (evening order/next day order)

Effective and personalized loyalty programs

Transparency of all stages of the merchandise logistics due to use of blockchain technology

Full-range statistics for the supplier and retailer

Effective new merchandise advertising (samples, airdrop)

Automated expiration date control system

Possibility to sell merchandise on its expiration date

R2C Solution

R2C is the blockchain based B2B hardware and software solution for online - FMCG retailers, delivering to the last the brand new concept of automating sales and logistics and helping them to achieve unprecedented capital and operational cost-savings and revenue grow in comparison with the classic offline retail. The core component of R2C is the patented solution for robot-based picking and consolidation of goods, with no analogous like it in the world.

Our Creative Team

Oleg Sultanov

CEO (R2C Team)

IT engineer graduated from the Moscow University of Physics and Technology. Has ten years of experience in building high-load systems and service infrastructure. Architect and project lead in designing and setting up large mining farms across the globe.


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